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You know how, when you first really have a crush on someone, it's hard to tell if they're a really great person, or if you just want to fuck them?That's why everyone should have to interview with a bag over their head — if someone tells you they can be completely divorce talent from looks and charm, they're lying. I assigned him a desk near mine so I could look at the side of his head when I got bored.

I don’t think that anyone in the office knew, but I’m sure someone must have suspected —or been told. I liked her tons, but I had an obligation to my other casual relationship (which, of course, didn’t last much longer).

I had initially resisted taking an interest in her because, after all, I was a professional, but it didn't last long.

We were only together twice, but it was the most primal sex I've ever had — like a National Geographic special. Now that it’s been a few years, Herma just got married, and Mary is older, wiser, and still sexy. Remember that time, when you were certain you had it made with the man or woman of your dreams?

It was a small gold pendant to put on the gold chain. Somehow nothing happened that night — I think even then I felt it would be too cliche to have a post-Christmas-party fling. Gone were the flirty raised eyebrows and shared smirks. Remember that time, when you were certain you had it made with the man or woman of your dreams?

It was beautiful — real gold — and a completely inappropriate gift to give a coworker. Weeks later, after one particularly good day at work, he asked me to drinks. Neither of us tried to follow-up, and he transferred shortly after. And then you ruined everything with one ill-timed quip, spilled drink, or sneeze?

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I don't have too much faith in the discretion of twenty-three-year old women. After I told her, I wanted us to have a "final night," but she shot me down. She was a new hire in a cube only ten paces away from Mary.

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