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So I grabbed another one of the skinny stalks and worked its way in...

And with my right index finger I tried to hold the Q-tip in place inside of my urethra while I moaned a bit it both pleasure and pain from the burning sensation my urine had inside urethra.

I asked her If I could sit on the toilet and shit out the rest of my poop while I stuck the Q-tip inside of my, and she gave me permission, so I did.

I was able to get the Q-tip about halfway through, but couldn't anymore, so I asked if I could grab some petroleum jelly to coat it with, she agreed, so I did just that.

I couldn't wait to get in there because I knew she was pooping......

after she came out I went in and dropped my shorts and stroked my cock to her smell....

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I loved seeing the big smile she gave me as I licked my finger clean.

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