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As I stumble to our bedroom to dry off, I realize it is now dark outside. Read On Added: | Category: Anal | Avg Score: 5 | Words: 1,849 | Tags: female masturbation toys straight sex oral sex anal love passion | 11 Comments I took her anal virginity, so she took mine. As I drove around the city I couldn’t help but enjoy old memories.

Maybe because of the season, one memory from a Christmas past stood out.

As soon as I feel able to do so without cumming, I retract, then thrust again.While others chose to drown out the existence of their pathetic peers, turning up their isolated music...Read On Added: | Category: Anal | Avg Score: 4.96 | Words: 3,594 | Tags: teacher schoolgirl anal uniform strip cock fingered | 23 Comments Nowhere to go, nothing to do, and then suddenly: there's a girl I have always liked travelling in a quite unplanned way – just moving around where the mood takes me and seeing what I find.The poor thing never did fully fit into our conventional household and the entire neighborhood was on her shit list from the very first day of our fostering her into womanhood. Read On Added: | Category: Anal | Words: 2,411 | Tags: anal straight bisexual spanking oral group | 1 Comment Miss Yomiko number two was hiding her superior skills in both oral and anal pleasures.I managed to catch the elevator just before the doors closed and spoke my first words to the most beautiful and courteous Miss Yomiko number one, before I even had the opportunity to drink in her essence of glorious appeal.

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By the time I had finished, Mackenzie (Mac) for short had composed herself and was drinking a cup of coffee. Read On Added: | Category: Anal | Avg Score: 4.95 | Words: 3,235 | Tags: cheating neighbor strip tease rimming oral sex anal play | 16 Comments Filling your ass with my cock, I tighten my jaw in pleasurable resistance.

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