Fear of intimacy among dating couples

Here are the 10 most common myths and the truth behind the scenes:1.

Most people who cheat are looking for an affair when it happens.

Affairs often begin as friendships, which are followed by intimacy, which can then shift into a full-blown tryst.2.

Most people drift from their spouses for someone younger or more attractive.

(For marriage in general, more women than men say they are unhappy.)10.

Affairs may reflect that couples don't know how to work together to improve the problems in their marriages. Is it cheating to stay up half the night, secretly texting an old classmate about your most intimate thoughts?Just because you are having marital issues doesn't justify infidelity.6. In reality, many affairs rise from one partner seeking an emotional connection to another person. Although the sense of emotional closeness often leads to physical intimacy, sex wasn't the original intent when the connection began.7. The person doing it may not see it as cheating, but you can be sure that his/her partner sees it this way!When you give an emotional part of yourself to someone who is a potential affair mate, it's a form of infidelity.8.Even if someone cheated in your life, you may have thought you understood what affairs are all about.We live in a hush-hush culture when it comes to infidelity and it's not so easy to sort fact from fiction, and many of the common beliefs about affairs are wrong.

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