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But it is a little scary that marketers can use your smart devices to deliver ads to you this way.Aadhaar is the identification system for India, similar to Social Security numbers, but with a biometric ID.That means there is nothing to stop someone from sending Sean Spicer thousands of dollars (unless they said it was for Cuban sandwiches, which would actually trigger Venmo's compliance team).It's actually kind of cool to look through — it can tell you exactly where you went at exactly what times on any specific day. You can totally turn this off in the Settings in the app.People might have had some qualms about it, but plenty went ahead and bought the phone and are happily using it.

Cloud Cam is the monitor that allows you to watch your delivery take place, creating a sense of security that a delivery person isn't going to rob you.

Asked if the government was forcing citizens to get Aadhaar despite the Supreme Court mandate, finance minister Arun Jaitley replied simply, 'Yes, we are.'In the future, Indians may be required to use Aadhaar to log on to public Wi-Fi hotspots, buy train tickets, access bank accounts, withdraw pension money, use matrimonial websites, and buy tickets for cricket matches — among other things.

Critics paint a grim picture of India with mandatory Aadhaar: an Orwellian state with every action of every citizen under constant scrutiny at all times.

The CEO of Equifax testified before Congress about the hack, admitting it was "human error" where they knew about a software vulnerability but didn't fix it. A livestream camera shows you the delivery, which also is an incentive for drivers not to, well, poop on your porch, I guess.

The immediate reaction from people on Twitter to the announcement was NOPE NOPE.

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And until true Face/Off technology is perfected we're ok. So we don't even need to wait for Face/Off surgery!

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