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Willette created color lithographs illustrating theater programs for André Antoine’s (1858-1943) Théâtre Libre in 1888, 18.

He founded the illustrated journal Le Pierrot (The Clown) in 1888, and the following year began contributing illustrations to the anarchist journal Le Père Peinard.

Pushing beyond the borders of the merely suggestive, Balthus first inflamed critics with his 1934 painting, , wherein a female teacher ‘plays’ a young girl’s disrobed body like an instrument, tugging her hair and plucking absent strings shockingly close to her groin.

The ensuing controversy caused a depressed (and suicidal) Balthus to take a hiatus from painting—an issue the curatorial text skirts around discussing—later timidly returning to portraiture.

Yet even in less explicit future works, Balthus would continue to paint pubescent girls, indeed it is for these that he is best known, with questionably prurient interest.

The specter of Lolita haunts repeated studies of his young neighbors, who posed for Balthus as emblems of adolescent awakening, their nubile bodies casually splayed over furniture in silent reverie or determinedly hunched over books on the floor.

The Spectra collection features holographic flares, which causes the prismatic qualities to react to rays of light, so whether the sun is shining down or you’re out on the town, there’s no doubt that people will notice your nails.

An anti-establishment artist who expressed the Bohemian spirit of Montmartre in late 19th-century Paris in his charming paintings, pastels, drawings and lithographs, Adolphe Willette was also a savage illustrator whose drawings reflected his political views supporting anarchism, socialism, and anti-Semitism.

Despite his efforts in personal obfuscation, the exhibit includes a considerable amount of biographic commentary on events in his life, dividing the paintings into chronological clusters based on his moves between studios, cities and countries, in times of peace, war, and love.He provided illustrations for the theatrical journal Les Premières Illustrées from 1881 until 1889.His first of many illustrations for the Le Courrier français, a journal featuring Montmartre artists and writers, appeared in 1885; he continued to draw for the journal until 1908.He ended his association with Salis and the Chat Noir around 1889, perhaps due to a dispute over pay.Always politically active, Willette unsuccessfully ran for a position on the legislative council for Paris’s ninth arrondissement in 1889 on an anti-Semitic platform, promoting himself with a strident poster.

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Indeed, the curatorial program attributes changes in style, palette and subject to facts of geography and personal proximities, side stepping the pitfalls of his legendary self-fictionalization and manipulative obscuring of history.

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