Moraccan dating and marriage practices

Added Perk Bridal attendants called (godmothers) helped the bride by making the plans, arranging bouquets and keeping a general handle on the day's events.It would also be their responsibility to guide the bride throughout her married life.The groom would usually wear a lightly colored guayabera, a loose-fitting shirt perfectly suited for the Mexican sun.Activities During the ceremony, the groom would give his bride 13 gold coins, called , which symbolized Christ and his apostles.These loose, high-necked, long-sleeve gowns fell all the way to the ground—revealing only the bride's head, hands and toes.At the reception, the bride would often change gowns several times throughout the night to display the opulence of her family.When With almost 20 hours of sunlight each day, summer was considered prime wedding season.Attire A crown of myrtle leaves on the bride's head represented virginity, while a gold coin from her father in her right shoe and a silver one from her mother in her left shoe guaranteed she would never go without.

Attire For centuries, Chinese brides wore the traditional , a bright-red silk dress with intricate gold embroidery.Due to the environmental implications, many couples are skipping shark and splurging on other menu items like fine French wine.Music At more elaborate weddings, the couple and their guests would enjoy a performance called the lion dance in which performers dressed as powerful felines swayed to the beat of drums, gongs and cymbals to scare away evil spirits.Courses of antipasti, calamari, pasta, fish, pork and more were accompanied by a liqueur or wine.Guests could always count on having some , bow ties of fried dough dipped in powdered sugar that symbolized good luck. Sugar-covered almonds (or Jordan almonds, as we know them), which represent the bitter and sweet parts of life, served as both a treat and something to toss at the newlyweds as they made their exit.

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