Novell webaccess not updating

If you are upgrading from a system older than Group Wise 2012, you will need to understand some changes.Prior to Group Wise 2012, Web Access consisted of 2 components- The Web Access Agent and the Web Access Application.Group Wise document Management still works in Group Wise 2014.You can create new Libraries, manage all of the rights and run Library maintenance through the Group Wise Administration Console.Have your Linux repository available when you begin your install, if required files are missing during the installation, they will be installed as needed.You must manually install IIS with ISAPI support prior to Group Wise 2014 Web Access installation.

For those of you who used it you will still be able to perform auto-updates. We will discuss client upgrades in a future article.This may require you to leave an older version of Group Wise Web Access until you are able to upgrade all of your Post Offices to Group Wise 2014.There are settings available in the Group Wise 2014 Web Access Application that allow it to serve as the default Web Access entry point into your system and then redirect older users to the appropriate web server hosting the Group Wise Web Access application for your current Group Wise version.There is no requirement to be logged into e Directory, but it DOES have some DLL dependencies provided by the Novell client installation.So, it must be run from a machine with a Novell Client installed. Group Wise 2014 can still use e Directory, but can now also use Microsoft/Active Directory, or a standalone directory integrated with your Domain database.

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It is the planning that is of the utmost importance during any software deployment.

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