Radiometric dating explained for kids

That might sound like a fine detail, but it’s clear to me in retrospect that my leader didn’t understand evolutionary theory at all.

But the word is a group of organisms capable of interbreeding—for example, humans are a species and dogs are a species).

We anticipate that the involvement of this number of science specialists, in addition to the power of the arguments themselves, will cause at least a proportion of evolution-believers to sit up and listen.

The book and DVD represent a direct, targeted demolition aimed at the very pillars of the foundational belief system underpinning our now-secular culture.

This post could easily have been 101 things kids need to understand about evolution, but that would be another book!

This is far from comprehensive, but I hope it will get the conversation going. Evolution isn’t necessarily an anti-Christian concept. A lot of Christian parents think of evolution as a dirty word.

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