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Usagi wanted to fix their friendship, but at the same time she didn't want to be around her.She kind of hoped that Rei wouldn't come up and Mamoru would walk through the door instead. He reminded himself."Our friendship is different than what she has with her other friends. He had never been accused of doing such a thing or anything close to it and he was highly offended..

Mamoru asked who wasn't up there with Usagi and the older man said it was the tall girl and the quiet one.She wondered how the next two talks would go, or even if there would be two.She wouldn't put it past Rei to not come apologize, and she honestly wasn't sure how she felt about that.She didn't know if the girl was shocked or angry, and quickly found that she didn't care."Usagi?" She heard the quiet worried tone of her boyfriend and looked over to see him stepping toward her.

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